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Energy is central to the economic, environmental and developmental issues facing the world today. Clean, efficient, affordable and reliable energy services are indispensable for global prosperity. The developing countries in particular need to expand access to reliable and modern energy services if they are to reduce poverty and improve the health of their citizens.  Energy is important in order to increase productivity, enhance competitiveness and promote economic growth.


A well-performing energy system that improves access to modern forms of energy would strengthen the opportunities for the poor people to escape the severe impacts of poverty. It is also essential for their government to meet the wider developmental objectives. Economic growth goes hand in hand with increased access to modern energy services, especially in low- and middle-income countries transitioning through the phase of accelerated industrial development.


Effective utilisation of Energy is a key component in creating a sustainable energy system, as it extends the life of the finite resources, reduces environmental impacts, secures supplies for the long-term and offers attractive economic returns. However, increasing access to energy services really depends on an enhanced supply; fortunately, this can be safely achieved by using a wide variety of renewable sources, some of which, are already well-developed.


We proffer a sustainable energy solution that takes into account the problems facing current energy production.  We combine both conventional and renewable energy sources with effective energy utilisation to create a sustainable energy system that can easily be adopted by the people in developing countries.