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With the present world economy and global situation, it is imperative for us to operate an efficient and well integrated model that reduces our environmental, health and safety risks, and distributes the value of our outputs within the economy.  Maximizing the value of our output is the main principle behind our Sustainable Development Framework; this plays a key role in order for us to encourage responsible product design, consumption, recycling and ability to continually improve our economic, environmental and social performance.


Providing effective solutions to the present complex sustainable development challenges requires the active participation and collaboration of governments, businesses, civil societies and other key stakeholders. We need to remove the artificial barriers created by definition or grouping of functions of  the existing industries; we need to be able to integrate all sectors of the economy and pursue the single  goal of adding value to the people and the economy at large.


Our operation cover three major Industries; Agriculture, Mineral Extraction and Energy Sector.