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Mineral Exploration




In a broad context the  mineral industry, covers all activities that involves the  extraction  and utilisation of all non-renewable resource, which includes industrial minerals and metals, aggregates and ornamental stone, coal, crude oil, Natural gas and other carbon derivatives. Because of their great diversity, minerals and their derived products are necessary for almost every aspect of life. Housing and construction, transport, energy supply, health, information and communication technologies, space technologies, and other sectors of the economy would either be nonexistent or suffer constant lack of raw materials, which will in turn make production unsustainable.


The discovery of new mineral resources in most of developing countries often brings along conflicts, resource mismanagement or leads to reckless spending (of who specifically e.g. Government). The mineral extraction  industry has  been seen as a source of generating quick revenue for many governments; rather than for it to serve as the bedrock for industrialization  and be utilized for the development and social well-being of the economy.


Most government policies in developing countries for the Mineral extraction industry has been geared towards export of raw materials; instead of the local resources to be used to fuel the local industry and expand the local production capacity up to the point of export, it has been indirectly used to sustain the foreign industries and the revenue generated used to sustain an importation reliant economy.


Our solution for the extraction industry in the developing countries is to create a sustainable extraction industry to support the local economy with the local resources. Our activities in the extractive Industry highlights the importance of “Social Investments” and how we can use the local resources for the benefit of the local economy.